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susan s vegas pasta vegas baby vegas


yes, silly name! i ate at a little italian restaurant in the bellagio hotel on one of my many trips to vegas. it was love at first bite! i begged and begged the waiter to get me the recipe. he even brought the chef out. the chef wrote down the ingredients on a napkin but would not give me amounts nor preparation instructions. i tweaked and tweaked and this is what i came up with. funny thing is...i went back to that little restaurant after i came up with this version - ordered theirs again - and mine blew it out of the water! hope you enjoy as well. it's delicious!


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  1. Cook pasta according to directions and drain
  2. Sauce - in a small saucepan
  3. Add 1 / 8 cup extra virgin olive oil and saute 5 cloves garlic
  4. Shallots and crushed red pepper until lightly golden and fragrant
  5. Add in tomato sauce and wine
  6. Simmer until flavors blend
  7. Add in half and half and heavy whipping cream and heat through
  8. "seafood - meanwhile
  9. In a small saute pan
  10. Add 1 / 8 cup extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat and add in the garlic until golden and fragrant"
  11. "add the scallops and saute until done"
  12. Season with salt and pepper
  13. Mix seafood and sauce together and toss with pasta
  14. Serve hot with fresh parmesan cheese !

Step 10

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 12

cooking susan s vegas pasta    vegas baby  vegas

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Heavy whipping cream

Tomato sauce

Dry red wine

Garlic cloves


Crushed red pepper flakes


Extra virgin olive oil




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