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susan s amazing potato salad


this is a delicious, creamy simple potato salad! i'm not a fan of the potato salads with all the extra ingredients in it (relish, celery, etc). i love the true flavor of potatoes and hard boiled eggs that this dish creates. this makes a large pot - the perfect size for a potluck! prep time does not include the cooling time for the potatoes or the eggs.


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  1. Boil potatoes in the skin for 35-40 minutes
  2. Cool potatoes for 1 to 1
  3. 5 hours
  4. Make hardboiled eggs and allow to cool
  5. Peel skin from potatoes and cut potatoes into cubes
  6. Cut eggs into cubes
  7. Combine all ingredients gently and allow to chill for 3 hours

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 75

Ingredients Count 7

cooking susan s amazing potato salad

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Hardboiled egg



Dried parsley



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