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susan s duck breast with fig and port sauce



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  • Carbohydrates: 246.1
  • Fats: 19.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 51.0
  • Minerals: 14.0
  • Proteins: 5.0
  • Vitamins: 31.0
  • Water: 7.0


  1. Preheat oven to 400f
  2. In a pan
  3. Combine beef stock and chicken stock
  4. Bring to boil and let simmer until mixture is reduced down to 1 / 2 cup
  5. Set stock reduction to the side
  6. While stock is reducing on the stove
  7. Lightly score fat side of duck breast
  8. With a sharp knife
  9. In a diamond pattern
  10. Sprinkle duck breasts with thyme
  11. Garlic
  12. Paprika
  13. Salt and pepper to season
  14. Let sit
  15. For 20minutes
  16. In a hot skillet pan
  17. Heat to medium high
  18. Add olive oil
  19. Add duck breast
  20. Fat side down
  21. And cook for 6 minutes
  22. Turn duck over and let cook 2 minutes
  23. Remove duck breast to foil lined baking pan
  24. Meat side down
  25. And bake in oven for 5-6 minutes
  26. Remove from oven and let rest on cutting board for at least 5minutes
  27. Meanwhile in skillet
  28. Drain off most of fat
  29. Add 2tbsp of butter to pan
  30. Add shallot and cook until tender
  31. Add port wine and bring to a boil
  32. Reduce by half
  33. Add 1 / 2 cup stock reduction and bring mixture to a boil
  34. Simmer sauce low until reduced by 1 / 3 or sauce is a syrupy glaze
  35. Add fig preserves
  36. Stir until completely melted and combined into sauce
  37. In a cup combine remaining 1 tbsp flour and 1 tbsp butter
  38. Add flour mixture to sauce and stir well to combine
  39. Bring sauce to boil
  40. Stirring
  41. Until sauce thickens
  42. That will take only 2 minutes or so
  43. Remove from heat
  44. Cut duck breast
  45. Into 1 / 2 inch slices
  46. Angled
  47. Against the grain
  48. On serving plates
  49. Place sauce on bottom and place several slices of duck breast on top
  50. Drizzle just a bit more sauce over top of duck slices
  51. Repeat on all serving plates
  52. Serve immediately
  53. Bon appetit

Step 33

Total Time in Minute 50

Ingredients Count 13

cooking susan s  duck breast with fig and port sauce

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Duck breast halves

Olive oil

Fresh thyme

Garlic powder


Salt & pepper

Beef stock

Chicken stock



Port wine

Fig preserves


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