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surprise burgers


this recipe came from my father and he always prepares it for my birthday. it can take alot of counter space, however if you don't have it to spare-try doing one burger at a time. make sure you brown the burgers hot and then significantly reduce the heat to seal in the flavor. the tomato sauce is great with french fries as well!


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  1. Take the ground beef and separate into 1 ounce to 1
  2. 5 ounce balls
  3. Flatten each ball between waxed paper until pizza crust thin
  4. Set aside
  5. If using onion-slice thinly
  6. Fold american cheese and separate each slice into 4 equal squares
  7. Take one piece of flattened ground beef-remove top layer of wax paper
  8. Pile 2 squares of cheese
  9. 2 pickles
  10. And 2 onion slices if prefered
  11. Place another flattened ground beef section on top with paper removerd
  12. Seal edges so that everything is closed inside
  13. Make sure there is no cheese
  14. Onion or pickle showing
  15. Place in skillet and remove last layer of wax paper
  16. Repeat until all meat is used
  17. Brown both sides of the burger on high heat and then reduce to simmer
  18. Add tomato sauce
  19. Worchestireshire sauce
  20. Garlic and black pepper
  21. Cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes
  22. Sear bun or toast to preference
  23. Serve in traditional hamburger style

Step 18

Total Time in Minute 40

Ingredients Count 9

cooking surprise burgers

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Ground beef

Tomato sauce

American cheese

Dill pickles


Worcestershire sauce

Ground black pepper

Garlic cloves

Hamburger buns

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