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surface grease cutter


found this recipe on the net and tweaked it a bit. been trying hard to remove chemicals from my home and this was a good start...also very cheap to make. i use this on my counters, oven tops, cupboard doors and even my floor as a pre-mopping cleanser..it works.


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  1. Place soda and vinegar in bowl
  2. Let bubbles subside
  3. Add liquid soap
  4. And then gently add hot water
  5. Mix
  6. Pour into spray bottle
  7. Add oils if required
  8. I have tried lavender and it worked nicely
  9. Current batch had some old tea tree oil in it and it smells nice
  10. Make sure the oils are suitable to spray onto food preparation areas

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 5

cooking surface grease cutter

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Bicarbonate of soda


Bath soap

Hot water

Essential oils

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