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supremes de volaille queen elizabeth stuffed chicken breasts


something a little different to do with chicken breasts, fancy enough for company, but not too time consuming for a weeknight. i would serve with wild rice and a nice veg, maybe asparagus.


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  1. Butterfly the breasts
  2. Spread open
  3. And pound to 1 / 2-inch thickness
  4. Top each breast with slice ham and slice cheese
  5. Tucking in any protruding ends
  6. Brush the edges of each breast with egg
  7. Fold in half and seal in the ham and cheese
  8. Pat the outside of the chicken dry
  9. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  10. Heat 2 tbsp butter in skillet over med-high until the foam subsides
  11. Meanwhile
  12. Brush more egg onto the seam of each breast
  13. Then dredge in flour
  14. Shaking off the excess
  15. Saute chicken
  16. Turning once
  17. Until golden and cooked through
  18. About 4 minutes each side
  19. Remove from skillet
  20. Cover loosely with foil to keep warm
  21. Add remaining tbsp butter to skillet and saute mushrooms and shallot
  22. Stirring
  23. For 1 minute
  24. Add wine to deglaze the pan
  25. And cook till reduced by half
  26. About 1-2 minutes
  27. Add tomatoes and cook
  28. Stirring occasionally
  29. Until they begin to soften
  30. About 3-4 minutes
  31. Add cream and simmer
  32. Stirring occasionallt
  33. Until reduced by half
  34. About 6 minutes
  35. Stir in any juices that have accumulated on the chicken plate
  36. And season with salt and pepper
  37. Serve chicken topped with sauce
  38. Garnish with chopped flat-leaf parsley
  39. If desired

Step 17

Total Time in Minute 40

Ingredients Count 13

cooking supremes de volaille queen elizabeth  stuffed chicken breasts

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Chicken breasts


Swiss cheese








Dry white wine


Heavy cream

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