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supreme avocado dip


this dish is so tasty that every time i bring it to a party, people always ask for the recipe and i end up scribbling it on napkins. now i can just tell them to visit recipe zaar! not your typical quacamole dip! the prep time on this is high because of the chopping involved, but really it just takes seconds to throw it together. this dip can be prepared up to 5 hours ahead, but garnishes should be added at the last minute- (chopped before hand and stored individualy in the fridge). i prefer the toppings mixed together around the top because the flavors mix better, but the way it was taught to me was to do the fancier topping rings as stated below. enjoy!


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  1. Mash the avacados and lime juice in a bowl
  2. Season with the salt
  3. Place avacado mash on a round or oval platter and smooth out in an even layer
  4. Stir the sourcream
  5. Mayo
  6. And dip mix together in a bowl
  7. Spread ranch mix over the avacados
  8. Being sure to cover them completely
  9. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and chill for one to five hours
  10. Prepare toppings and set aside until just before ready to serve
  11. Take platter out of the fridge
  12. Remove plastic wrap and sprinkle with toppings

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 12

cooking supreme avocado dip

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Hass avocadoes

Fresh lime juice


Sour cream


Ranch dressing mix

Plum tomatoes


Cheddar cheese

Ripe olives

Pickled jalapeno pepper

Fresh cilantro

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