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supper nachos


an easy, tasty dish for dinner or as an appetizer at a party.


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  1. Brown meat and onion
  2. Drain well
  3. Add seasoned salt and cumin
  4. Combine beans
  5. Taco seasoning mix and monterey jack cheese
  6. Mix well
  7. Spread beans in a shallow baking dish
  8. Cover with meat mixture
  9. Sprinkle chilies over meat
  10. Scatter with crushed tortilla chips
  11. Top with cheddar cheese
  12. Pour taco sauce over cheese
  13. Bake
  14. Uncovered
  15. In preheated 400 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes
  16. Or until thoroughly heated
  17. Garnish as desired

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 15

cooking supper nachos

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Lean ground beef


Seasoning salt

Ground cumin

Refried beans

Taco seasoning mix

Monterey jack cheese

Green chilies

Cheddar cheese

Taco sauce

Tortilla chips


Sour cream

Green onion

Black olives

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