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superbowl stuffed clams


super stuffed clams, filled with tons of seafood


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  1. Directions:
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees f
  3. Clean clam shells
  4. With a scrubby
  5. Run under water and scrub the outside of each shell
  6. Well
  7. Then rinse and set aside
  8. Do each shell until all 12 are cleaned and rinsed off
  9. I did clams at a time
  10. Straining the liquid through a coffee filter in a colander into another pot to cook the remaining clams
  11. But if you have a pot big enough to hold all 12 clams in a single layer
  12. You can cook all 12 at once
  13. Place clams in bottom of pan
  14. In a single layer
  15. Add: about 1 / 2 to 3 / 4 cup water
  16. 2 tablespoons butter
  17. 1 clove garlic
  18. Minced
  19. 1 / 4 cup dry white wine
  20. 1 tsp dried oregano
  21. 1 teaspoons dried parsley
  22. 1 / 4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  23. "cover and steam until clam shells open
  24. Somewheres between 5 - 10 minutes"
  25. Remove clams and again strain the clam liquid through a coffee filter in a colander
  26. Separate shells
  27. By twisting and pulling apart
  28. Trim edges where connected with knife to smooth shell edges
  29. Set aside
  30. Chop clams
  31. Set aside
  32. Open can of diced clams
  33. Set aside
  34. In a large frying pan
  35. Melt butter with olive oil over medium heat
  36. Stir in onion and celery
  37. Cook until translucent
  38. Cook scallops in a separate pan till almost done
  39. Then stir chopped clams
  40. Add can of diced clams with liquid
  41. Chopped crab meat
  42. Cooked scallops with any liquid
  43. Chopped shrimp
  44. Parsley
  45. Lemon pepper
  46. Into the onion and celery mixture
  47. Reduce heat to low
  48. And add bread crumbs
  49. Then slowly pour in strained clam juice from cooked clams until mixture is slightly sticky
  50. But not wet
  51. "the bread crumbs will continue to absorb moisture
  52. You dont want to add too much clam juice or it will be too mushy"
  53. Fill each clean clam shell with mixture
  54. Pressing tightly into shell
  55. Arrange on a baking sheet
  56. And sprinkle lightly with paprika
  57. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes
  58. Or until golden brown and sizzling
  59. If frozen
  60. Bake at 350 degrees f for 30 minute

Step 28

Total Time in Minute 80

Ingredients Count 21

cooking superbowl stuffed clams

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Cherrystone clams



Garlic clove

Dry white wine

Dried oregano

Dried parsley

Crushed red pepper flakes


Minced clams

Imitation crabmeat

Bay scallop


Fresh breadcrumbs

Sweet onion


Flat leaf parsley

Olive oil

Lemon pepper



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