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super stuffed french bread pizza rustica


rachael ray


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  1. Preheat oven to 425
  2. Defrost spinach in the microwave
  3. 6 minutes on high
  4. Wring spinach dry in a clean kitchen towel
  5. Split bread lengthwise and hollow it out
  6. Cut in half crosswise
  7. Making 4 shells for pizzas
  8. Heat a skillet over med-high heat
  9. Add in olive oil
  10. Then the sausage
  11. Brown and crumble sausage using a wooden spoon
  12. Add in bell pepper
  13. Onions
  14. And garlic
  15. Cook 3-5 minutes
  16. Then add in the spinach
  17. Remove pan from heat
  18. Season with salt and pepper
  19. Transfer mixture to a bowl
  20. Mix the sausage mixture with the ricotta
  21. Parmesan
  22. Sopressata
  23. And pepperoni
  24. Fill pizzas with the mixture
  25. Top with mounded mozzarella and provolone cheese
  26. Place pizzas on a cookie sheet and bake 10-12 minutes until cheese melts and bubbles and bread is super crisp
  27. Top pizzas with oregano and hot pepper flakes
  28. Serve immediately

Step 19

Total Time in Minute 42

Ingredients Count 17

cooking super stuffed french bread pizza rustica

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Frozen chopped spinach

French bread

Extra virgin olive oil

Sweet italian sausage

Red bell pepper


Garlic cloves


Fresh ground black pepper

Part-skim ricotta cheese

Parmesan cheese



Mozzarella cheese

Provolone cheese

Dried oregano

Crushed red pepper flakes

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