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super rich virginia crab cakes


excellent crab cake recipe! could be used as a main course or an appetizer. taken from gourmet magazine, feburary, 1995 issue and presented by jessica b. harris.


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  1. In a bowl
  2. Combine crab meat and bread crumbs
  3. In a small bowl
  4. Whisk eggs well and add cream
  5. Whisking
  6. Add cream mixture
  7. Hot sauce
  8. Worcestershire sauce
  9. Parsley
  10. Onion and salt and pepper to taste to crab mixture and combine well
  11. In large heavy skillet
  12. Heat 1 tbs butter over moderate heat until foam subsides and into it drop half of crab mixture by tablespoons
  13. Cook crab cakes until golden brown
  14. About 2 minutes
  15. On each side
  16. And repeat with remaining tablespoon butter and crab mixture
  17. Serve crab cakes warm
  18. Makes 24 crab cakes

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 30

Ingredients Count 9

cooking super rich virginia crab cakes

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Backfin crab meat

Fresh breadcrumb


Heavy cream

Hot sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Fresh parsley leaves


Unsalted butter

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