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super easy but tasty pizza sauce


simple ingredients from a minimalist approach. i've tried experimenting with other spices, etc. to get that "pizzeria taste", but this easy recipe surprisingly turned out the best by far. does it have that "pizzeria taste"? i'm not sure, but we prefer this homemade recipe to take-out pizza.


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  1. Mix well all the ingredients over heat
  2. "its not necessary to continue heating
  3. Just get it hot enough to help the ingredients mix
  4. Then remove heat"
  5. Just add more water for thinner sauce if preferred
  6. Experiment with ingredient amounts for taste
  7. I personally like a lot of oregano which makes all the difference
  8. Makes enough to cover one 16" pizza

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 7

Ingredients Count 5

cooking super easy but tasty pizza sauce

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Tomato paste



Garlic salt


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