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berry medley smoothie


i always have these ingredients on hand and can whip these tropical smoothies up in no time. the berry medley consists of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry. this makes a great afternoon snack or when the boys are headed for football practice. i'll make one before going to the grocery store, so i don't go hungry.... yawl know what i'm talking about!


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  1. Add the crushed ice and berries to the blender or food processor and pulse a couple of times
  2. Add banana
  3. Yogurt and pineapple juice
  4. Cover and blend until smooth
  5. Pour into tall glasses
  6. Enjoy !

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 6

Ingredients Count 5

cooking berry medley smoothie

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Frozen mixed berries

Pineapple juice

Low-fat vanilla yogurt


Ice cubes

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