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jeera on cubes barbecue marinade


if you love jeera (cumin) you will love this one. a really distinct marinade!


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  1. Roast coriander and cumin and ground afterwards
  2. Mince chilli
  3. Mix all ingredients well
  4. If you marinate your meet longer than 8 hours add the garlic 4 - 8 hours before you barbecue
  5. Cover your meet for 4 - 48 hours
  6. The longer the better
  7. Barbecue the cubes until done
  8. Enjoy !

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 30

Ingredients Count 9

cooking jeera on cubes  barbecue marinade

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Sesame oil


Fruit vinegar

Hoisin sauce

Coriander seed


Garlic cloves

Fish sauce

Red chile

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