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bermuda sunday brunch


i know it sounds weird, but this cod brunch is great (and i don't even like fish). once you try it, i'm sure you'll love it too. my fiance and i went to bermuda two years ago, had this brunch, and came back and had to replicate it. everytime we make it for someone they think "ew" i don't want that, but then once they've eaten it, they can't get enough. i've given the recipe for one person, but you can easily multiply it.


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  1. Peel the potato and start boiling it
  2. After 5 minutes
  3. Start steaming the cod
  4. You may need to keep boiling the potato
  5. Even after the filet is cooked
  6. When the potato is soft
  7. But not falling apart
  8. Take it out of the water and let it cool
  9. While it cools
  10. Microwave your marinara sauce just enough to warm it up
  11. Cut the potato in a few slices
  12. Serve the filet
  13. Sliced potato
  14. Avocado
  15. And banana on a plate
  16. In bermuda
  17. It is served with the marinara sauce over the potato and fish
  18. I usually serve it on the side to keep from scaring people
  19. Eat all of it together
  20. I bite of this
  21. A bite of that
  22. Some banana with the fish
  23. Etc

Step 11

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 5

cooking bermuda sunday brunch

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Cod fish fillet

Baking potato



Marinara sauce

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