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berlin brioche


posted for recipezaar world tour ii, 2006. german challenge. this recipe takes more than 12 hours...becuase the yeast needs to rise overnight.


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  1. The evening before you want to make these
  2. Prepare the dough
  3. Mix the yeast into 1 / 3 of the milk and add 50g flour
  4. "cover and leave in a warm place until mixture has doubled its volume"
  5. Mix the rest of the flour and milk in a large bowl
  6. Whisk eggs until they are warm
  7. In a bowl over a pan of boiling water
  8. Add the melted butter to your mix
  9. Take half of this mixture and add it to the flour and mix well
  10. Add other half of the mixture and work for at least 10 minutes
  11. Until very light
  12. Add the dough to the mixture and work for 10 more minutes
  13. Mix in half of the blanched almonds
  14. Raisins
  15. Orange zest and spices
  16. Cover bowl with a dry cloth and leave to rise overnight
  17. The following day
  18. Grease cake tin
  19. Sprinkle with remaining almonds
  20. Spoon in mixture until 3 / 4 full
  21. Leave to rise for a further hour and cook in preheated oven at 325f
  22. Serve cold

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 114

Ingredients Count 11

cooking berlin brioche

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Self-raising flour






Almond extract


Orange zest



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