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benne cookies


i found this receipt written on an old sheet of stationary with a letterhead containing an address on meeting street in charleston, sc. it was written with a fountain pen in a very lovely script and signed with the initials rmc. this is a classic, traditional receipt from charleston. benne' seeds are the same thing as sesame seeds. charlestonians call recipes receipts. i have copied this recipe as it was written. i wish you could see this lovely, handwritten receipt.


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  1. Wash sesame seeds in a fine sieve
  2. Then parch in the oven
  3. Stirring occasionally
  4. Until seeds are thoroughly dry
  5. This takes between 7 and 10 minutes
  6. Cream butter and sugar
  7. Beat in egg
  8. Then add flour and put the parched seeds in last
  9. Mixing well in the batter
  10. Grease pans thoroughly then drop a teaspoonful of batter for each cookie as this will spread in the baking
  11. Leave about three inches between each spoonful
  12. Cook in moderate oven from five to eight minutes-until cookies are a light brown
  13. (watch carefully while cooking
  14. To prevent too rapid browning
  15. This amount of batter should make about forty cookies

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 23

Ingredients Count 5

cooking benne  cookies

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Brown sugar



Sesame seeds


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