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benedictine cheese spread


my sisiter-in-law carol is the best cook i have ever met. this is one of the dips she serves at her yearly derby party. she serves it with crackers but you can also make finger sandwiches or use as a stuffing for celery.


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  1. Finely grind cucumber pulp
  2. Place in a piece of cheesecloth and press out juice until pulp is fairly dry
  3. In a mixing bowl mash cheese with a fork
  4. Work cucumber pulp into cheese
  5. Add onion
  6. Salt and tabasco sauce
  7. Add enough mayonaise to make a smooth
  8. Easy to spread filling
  9. Add just enough food coloring to make cheese a pale green

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 30

Ingredients Count 7

cooking benedictine cheese spread

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Cream cheese



Tabasco sauce


Food coloring

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