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ben jerry s heath bar crunch ice


i like my ice cream all year long. now, i do not have to pop out to the store now!


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  1. Using a sharp knife
  2. Cut the candy bars into 1 / 2 to 1 inch chunks
  3. You should have about 1 cup
  4. Place the chucks in a bowl
  5. Cover and freeze
  6. Whisk the egg in amixing bowl until light and fluffy
  7. 1 to 2 minutes
  8. Whisk in the sugar
  9. A little at a time
  10. Then continue to whisk until completely
  11. Blended
  12. About 1 minute more
  13. Pour in the cream
  14. Milk
  15. Vanilla
  16. And whisk to blend
  17. Transfer themixture to ice cream maker and freeze following
  18. "manufacturers instructions"
  19. After the ice cream stiffens add the
  20. Candy
  21. Then continue freezing until the ice cream is ready
  22. Variation: coffee heath bar crunch:
  23. Omit vanilla and substitute 3 tablespoons good quality freeze dried coffee
  24. Add 2 t
  25. Coffee with the cream and milk
  26. And add the remaining 1 t coffee with the
  27. Candy

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 190

Ingredients Count 6

cooking ben   jerry s heath bar crunch ice

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Heath candy bars

Heavy cream


Whole milk



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