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belly of pork with garlic lemon and thyme


from the daily mail. it's seems a good way to use up my over abundant herb garden. i love the thought of garlic, lemon and thyme and a crisp crackling. i plan to try this soon - i have the meat in the freezer. i'm entering it now in case i lose my scrap of paper. the recipe says: serve with plenty of mashed potatoes. this needs overnight marinating. there is no indication of how many it will serve. i've made this and it was really delicious. a bit of fussying around, but worth it for a special occasion.


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  1. Pierce the skin of the pork all over with a skewer
  2. Going through the fat but not the flesh
  3. Pour boiling water over the skin
  4. Drain and dry well
  5. Mix the garlic
  6. Lemon zest
  7. Thyme
  8. Olive oil and salt and pepper together
  9. Rub mixture well into the fleshy side of the pork and leave to marinade overnight
  10. Preheat the oven to 200c / 400fgas mark 6
  11. Place the pork on a wire rack skin-side up and place the rack over a roasting tin half filled with water
  12. Sprinkle with skin with salt and roast for 15 minutes to start the crackle forming
  13. Then reduce the temperature to 180c / 350f / gas mark 4 and continue to cook for one and a half hours
  14. Top up with water in the roasting tin as necessary
  15. Meanwhile make the salsa verde
  16. In a food processor
  17. Mix the herbs and garlic to a paste and gradually pour in the oil so that it becomes emulsified
  18. Season to taste with salt and pepper and lemon juice
  19. Increase the oven temperature to 230c / 450f / gas mark 8 and roast the pork for a further 15 minutes
  20. Remove from oven
  21. Slice and serve with salsa verde

Step 14

Total Time in Minute 3660

Ingredients Count 10

cooking belly of pork with garlic  lemon and thyme

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Pork belly

Garlic cloves


Zest of


Olive oil

Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Flat leaf parsley



Lemon juice

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