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bell peppers stuffed with spanish rice low fat low carb


the caloric value of this changed from 381 a serving to 171 a serving; 22 grams of fat to 3 grams of fat. this tastes like a million dollars also.


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  1. Bring water in a large saucepan to a boil
  2. Meanwhile
  3. Cut the peppers lengthwise in half
  4. Remove and discard the stems
  5. Seeds and membranes
  6. Carefully
  7. Place the peppers in the boiling water for 3 minutes
  8. Using a slotted spoon
  9. Remove the peppers and invert them onto paper towels to drain well
  10. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees
  11. Lightly spray an unheated large skillet with no-stick spray
  12. Add the turkey and onions
  13. Cook over medium heat until the turkey is no longer pink
  14. Stirring occasionally
  15. Stir in the rice
  16. Tomatoes
  17. Tomato paste
  18. Worcestershire sauce
  19. Basil
  20. Salt and pepper
  21. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes
  22. Stirring occasionally
  23. Place the pepper halves in an 8x8x2 baking dish
  24. Spoon the meat mixture into the pepper shells
  25. Sprinkle the cheese on top
  26. Bake about 10 minutes or until heated through

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 35

Ingredients Count 11

cooking bell peppers stuffed with spanish rice  low fat low carb

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Green peppers

Ground turkey


Cooked brown rice

Stewed tomatoes

Tomato paste

Worcestershire sauce

Dried basil


Ground black pepper

Low-fat cheddar cheese

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