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belgian hutsepot



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  1. This recipe originates in flanders where savoy cabbage is much loved
  2. The stock is made into a quick pea soup and served as a first course
  3. It is similar to the french pot au feu although the former has peas and the latter garlic and leeks
  4. Cover the beef
  5. Pork
  6. Pork bone
  7. Bay leaves and peppercorns in water in a large pot and bring to a simmer
  8. Skim the foam away and cover
  9. Simmer 2 1 / 2-3 hrs until the meats are tender
  10. Add the salt during the last hour
  11. Prepare and reserve the vegetables
  12. Wash the potatoes
  13. Do not peel if new
  14. Wash
  15. Trim
  16. Core and cut the cabbage into 8 wedges
  17. Peel and quarter the turnips
  18. About 30 min before the meat is done add the potatoes and turnips
  19. Remove the meats and vegetables from the broth
  20. Arrange the vegetables around the meat on a large platter
  21. Cover with foil and keep warm
  22. Discard the pork bone
  23. Strain the broth through cheesecloth and reserve 2 cups for the pea soup
  24. Returning the rest to the pot to cook the cabbage in
  25. Simmer the cabbage 5-7 min until tender and remove
  26. Arrange on the meat platter
  27. Meanwhile cook the peas in a separate smaller pot
  28. Puree in a blender with the reserved broth in small lots until smooth
  29. Strain through a wire sieve discarding the pulp
  30. Re-heat and serve as a first course garnished with croutons and chives
  31. Then bring the hot platter to the table
  32. Slice meat and serve with mustard and horseradish
  33. To adapt to a crockpot i would suggestbut have not tested about 10-12 hrs on low for the meats
  34. Perhaps 4 hrs for the potatoes and turnips and do the cabbage with the meats and vegetables say the last 30 min
  35. Do the peas separately on the stove at the last minute

Step 27

Total Time in Minute 730

Ingredients Count 14

cooking belgian hutsepot

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