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belgian endive with roquefort walnuts and cranberries


belgian endive with roquefort, walnuts and cranberries. the vintage press recipe provided courtesy of chef david vartanian.


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  1. Trim the base of the endive using a diagonal cut
  2. Then separate the leaves
  3. Toss the cranberries
  4. Nuts and roquefort together in a bowl
  5. Being careful not to break up the roquefort too much
  6. Spoon the mixture into the endive leaves and garnish with the watercress
  7. For advance preparation: fill the belgian endive leaves up to three hours before
  8. Cover and chill
  9. Garnish just before serving
  10. Drizzle with roquefort salad dressing
  11. As desired
  12. Roquefort dressing:
  13. Melt roquefort cheese in the oven or in a pan on top of the stove
  14. Being very careful not to scorch
  15. Let cool
  16. In a bowl
  17. Combine the melted cheese
  18. Mayonnaise
  19. Buttermilk
  20. Juice of two limes
  21. Worcestershire sauce
  22. Cayenne
  23. Red wine vinegar
  24. And black pepper
  25. Mix well until all ingredients are combined
  26. If desired
  27. Add an additional 2 oz
  28. Of roquefort cheese for an even more intense flavor

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 11

cooking belgian endive with roquefort  walnuts and cranberries

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Belgian endive


California walnut

Roquefort cheese




Juice of

Worcestershire sauce

Cayenne pepper

Red wine vinegar

Black pepper

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