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belgian christmas cookies


these are bar cookies, sprinkled with almonds, cinnamon and red and green sugar.


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  1. Cream butter with extract
  2. Add brown sugar gradually
  3. Creaming until fluffy
  4. Add eggs
  5. One at a time
  6. Beating thoroughly after each addition
  7. Sift flour
  8. Baking powder
  9. And salt together
  10. Add in thirds to creamed mixture
  11. Mixing until blended after each addition
  12. Turn into a greased 15 x 10 x 1 inch jelly roll pan and spread evenly to edges
  13. Sprinkle a mixture of almonds and cinnamon over batter
  14. Then sprinkle with a mixture of red and green sugar
  15. Bake at 375f 10 to 12 minutes
  16. Cut into bars while still warm
  17. About 5 dozen cookies
  18. Canadian family cookbook

Step 11

Total Time in Minute 37

Ingredients Count 11

cooking belgian christmas cookies

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Almond extract

Dark brown sugar


All-purpose flour

Baking powder


Unblanched whole almonds

Ground cinnamon

Red sugar crystals

Green sugar crystals

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