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belgian chicken fricassee vol au vent


this delicious, creamy chicken fricassee is a classic belgian recipe. my father used to make this regularly for sundays and other festive occasions. often served as a starter, but it is great as a main course as well, accompanied by plain rice or potato puree, for example. freezes well. its flemish name is "koninginnenhapje", which could be translated as "queen's nibble"... nice, isn't it?


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  1. Cook the chicken breasts or the chicken in the chicken stock
  2. Until tender
  3. Drain
  4. But keep the stock
  5. Let the chicken cool down a bit
  6. In the meanwhile
  7. Make tiny meatballs from the minced meat
  8. Cook the meatballs in chicken stock or water until they are done -- this usually takes just a few minutes
  9. The meatballs will drift to the top when ready
  10. Drain them as well
  11. Make a "blonde" sauce: melt most of the butter in a medium-sized pot
  12. Add flour and mix well
  13. Keep the pot on medium heat
  14. Then
  15. Very gradually
  16. Add splashes of chicken stock to this mixture
  17. "each time you added some stock
  18. Stir very well so that the mixture doesnt become lumpy"
  19. You can start adding increasing amounts of stock when your sauce becomes liquidish
  20. Make a sauce that is somewhat thicker than cream
  21. You will probably use most of your chicken stock in this process
  22. This is fine
  23. Quickly add the raw egg yolk
  24. The lemon juice and the grated cheese to your sauce
  25. In a large pot
  26. Melt the remaining lump of butter and add the mushrooms
  27. Stir-fry the mushrooms on medium heat until they start to "sweat"
  28. Season with salt and pepper
  29. Add the sauce and the ham dices to the mushrooms
  30. Add the meatballs as well
  31. Put on low heat
  32. With your hands or a knife
  33. Pull apart the chicken and make bite-sized pieces
  34. Add the chicken pieces to your mixture as well
  35. Ready ! do check if the dish needs a bit more salt or pepper
  36. You can eat the vol-au-vent as it is
  37. With potatoes or rices
  38. You can also pour it in vol-au-vent shells or even make a chicken fricassee pie

Step 26

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 12

cooking belgian chicken fricassee  vol au vent

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Chicken breasts

Minced meat

Small mushrooms


Chicken stock


Plain flour

Gouda cheese

Egg yolk


Juice of



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