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beijing style pork shrimp jiaozi chinese dumplings


i got this recipe from my old land lord in beijing. he was a "lao beijing ren" (native beijinger), so his recipes are very authentic. he decided that my roommate and i needed to learn all the beijing dishes, and thus took it upon himself to teach us. my friends and i like to have dumpling parties, where we get together and wrap dumplings and talk, which makes it not as labor intensive.


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  1. Clean the cabbage
  2. Chop it
  3. And put it in a large non-reactive pot with salt set it aside and let it sweat out water for 45 min or so
  4. "if youre using a meat grinder
  5. Feed the shrimp
  6. Pork
  7. Garlic
  8. Onions
  9. And ginger through the meat grinder
  10. Getting everything to be a smooth
  11. Yet chunky mixture"
  12. "if youre using a food processor
  13. Youre going to half way freeze the meat
  14. And chop each ingredient on its own
  15. And then mix them in a pasta bowl"
  16. Traditionally
  17. All these ingredients are minced and chopped using a large cutting board and a cleaver
  18. "however you do it
  19. Its up to you"
  20. Put the meat and veggie mixture into a a large bowl
  21. Add the salt
  22. Soy sauce
  23. Egg and sugar to the mixture
  24. In a heavy skillet
  25. Heat up the oil
  26. Add the spice powders and toast the spices
  27. Pour this mixture hot over the meat mixture in the bowl
  28. And stir inches
  29. Drain the cabbage
  30. Rinse it and drain again
  31. Mix it in to the meat mixture
  32. Make the dumpling wrappers: mix together 1 1 / 2 cup flour and pinch of salt and then slowly add just enough water to result in a springy dough
  33. Knead it a lot to make the gluten stringy and strong
  34. Roll the dough out into a long rope
  35. Cut the rope apart into ping pong ball sized pieces
  36. Flatten the pieces out into small flat discs
  37. And flour a table or cutting board
  38. And roll them out using a beer bottle or small rolling pin
  39. As you make them
  40. Hand them to the person wrapping the dumplings
  41. Or just buy the pre-made wrappers
  42. Wrap the dumplings in the dumpling skins
  43. Pinching together the sides and tucking in the ends
  44. Cook the dumplings: boil a pot of water
  45. Drop the dumplings in
  46. They are ready when the float to the top of the pot
  47. "dont boil too many at once
  48. Or theyll stick together"
  49. Scoop them out with a strainer
  50. So you can use the water for the next batch
  51. Serve with soy sauce
  52. Dipping sauce
  53. Raw garlic
  54. Chili sauce
  55. Or cut up green onions

Step 24

Total Time in Minute 100

Ingredients Count 15

cooking beijing style pork   shrimp jiaozi  chinese dumplings

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Ground pork

Raw shrimp

Garlic cloves

Green onions




Soy sauce



Sesame oil

Five-spice powder

Red pepper powder

Dumpling wrappers


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