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beginners stuffed chicken breasts


did you ever have something you bought 'ready-made' in the store but now is too ridiculously priced? i did...i love stuffed chicken breast and i used to buy this brand called barber....then they raised the price so i switched to only buying it 'on sale'...but soon enough, the price 'on sale' became ridiculous, too...i decided it was time to stop being such a chicken (excuse the pun!) about making my own...as it turns out, it really isn't that hard, lol...i made my own for the first time last night and they were terrific! if you have also been too 'chicken', as i was, to try making your own stuffed chicken breasts, here's the 'recipe'!


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  1. Empty the stuffing mix into a bowl
  2. Add the hot water
  3. Unsalted butter and chopped onion
  4. Stir until well-combined then set aside for the water to finish being absorbed
  5. "while youre waiting
  6. Grab those chicken breasts and with the smooth side of your meat mallet pound them out a little flatter but be careful not to be too zealous or youll shred them"
  7. By now your stuffing should have absorbed all the water
  8. "give it a couple more good stirs and its ready"
  9. Place some of the stuffing in the middle of each chicken breast and roll them up
  10. I dunno how much
  11. Enough to stuff
  12. But not enough to fall out when you roll them up
  13. Place them seam side down in a 12 x 8 or 13 x 9 non-stick baking pan or casserole dish
  14. There may be leftover stuffing -- you can either do more breasts or save it for another meal / recipe tomorrow night
  15. Combine the soup
  16. Garlic
  17. Lime juice and milk until everything is well incorporated and the mixture looks thick
  18. Spoon over the chicken
  19. Completely moistening all the breasts
  20. Cover tighly with foil
  21. Place in preheated 350 oven and bake 30-45 minute
  22. Place the chicken breasts on a serving platter
  23. Serve the extra sauce in the pan in a gravy boat on the side

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 55

Ingredients Count 9

cooking beginners stuffed chicken breasts

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Boneless skinless chicken breasts

Stove top stuffing mix

Hot water

Unsalted butter


Cream of chicken soup

1% low-fat milk

Lime juice


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