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beetleaf vegan pasta


a delicious and healthy alternative to cheese sprinkled pasta. even the cheese lover won't notice it's missing.


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  1. Wash and pat dry beetroot leaves
  2. Coarsely slice into strips
  3. Place in frying pan with olive oil over a med low flame and cover
  4. While beetroot leaves are wilting slice up the garlic
  5. When leaves begin to wilt add the garlic to the pan and toss / stir
  6. Add a bit of salt to taste
  7. Cover again stirring occasionally until the garlic becomes translucent
  8. Remove from heat
  9. Make pasta according to directions on bag
  10. Add cooked leaf / garlic mixture to pasta
  11. Add some canned or homemade tomato sauce and freshly ground black pepper
  12. Eat and enjoy

Step 12

Total Time in Minute 23

Ingredients Count 7

cooking beetleaf vegan pasta

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Garlic cloves

Olive oil



Whole wheat pasta

Pasta sauce

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