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beet root and apple raita


this fresh and light salad is inspired by the apple season and our holidays in india. cumin, coriander, black mustard and pomegranate syrup give to this plate an exotic note.


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  1. Join the roots and the apples cubes in salad bowl
  2. Roast coriander
  3. Cumin and mustard seed in the oil until it smells nice
  4. Mix well the remaining ingredients with the roasted seeds in a small separate bowl
  5. Put the mixture on the cubes
  6. Add some drops of pomegranate syrup on top and decorate with a knife

Step 4

Total Time in Minute 17

Ingredients Count 12

cooking beet root and apple raita

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Vegetable oil

Whole coriander seed

Whole cumin seed

Black mustard seeds

Plain yogurt



Ginger juice


Pomegranate syrup

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