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beet risotto with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese


so delicious! i was skeptical of the beets, but they are very yummy in this dish, and the shallots and gorgonzola help mellow them out. a neighbor gave us his csa for the week when he went out of town, and this recipe was included with the farm newsletter.


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  1. Top and scrub clean 1 bunch beets
  2. Steam them until tender
  3. Run them under water
  4. And then slip the skins
  5. When cool
  6. Chop the beets into 3 / 4 inch cubes
  7. You should have about 2 cups
  8. In a small pan bring 5 cups unsalted chicken or vegetable stock to a near boil with 1 tsp sea salt
  9. In a large pan over medium heat
  10. Warm 2 tbs olive oil with 1 tbs unsalted butter
  11. Finely chop and add 2-3 shallots
  12. Saut until soft and clear
  13. About 10 minutes
  14. Add 1 1 / 2 cup arborio rice
  15. Stirring frequently for 5 minutes
  16. Add 1 / 2 cup stock and stir constantly until liquid is absorbed
  17. Add more stock
  18. About 1 / 4 cup each time
  19. It should take about 20 minutes in all
  20. Before the last ladle of stock is added
  21. Stir in 4-5 oz crumbled gorgonzola and 1 / 3 cup walnuts
  22. After the last bit of liquid is absorbed
  23. Add the chopped beets
  24. Let risotto stand 5 minutes before serving

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 9

cooking beet risotto with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese

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Unsalted chicken stock

Sea salt

Olive oil

Unsalted butter


Arborio rice



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