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beet kvass


beet kvass is a unique tasty slightly tart and salty health beverage. it is lacto-ferment beverage high in nutrients, healthy for the blood, and a nice liver cleanser. and oh wow, i just remembered that my first batch tasted awful. it was too salty because i used store bought commercial whey instead of homemade liquid whey. commercial whey is concentrated and already salted and i was still experimenting er..ah… perfecting my technique. i thought i didn’t have to bother with all the basics principals of heirloom folk drinks. ha! yes you do. search for my whey recipe. beet kvass takes 3 days to properly ferment. you are essentially making a tea made of chopped up organic beets. the beets can be used twice with a little less water for the second batch and 1 tsp of salt if using a cup of the 1st batch of beet kvass as carryover. again with everything i do, please keep clean sterile glass jars – no dish-soap!!! use vinegar water to clean all, and the final rinse with filtered water not the muni-tap water due to the chlorine and the fact that it will kill your ferment culture. you will need a one gallon glass jar. i bought mine at… you guessed it – a second hand store - during the summer. three days means 72 hours from begin to fridge. refrigeration slows down the fermenting to nearly a standstill. you can reserve a cup and a few chunks of beet to keep fermenting at room temperature to make a beet vinaigrette for salads in 7 days. but this i have not done myself.


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  1. Scrub the beets very well and chop into 1 chunks
  2. Put all the ingredients into the 1 gallon glass jar
  3. Stir well and put the lid on it but not too tight because you need some gas to escape
  4. Set aside 3 days in a shaded room average temperature 78 degrees is very favorable
  5. Skim any excess lacto-ferment from the top with a spoon or stir it in whatever suits you
  6. Put in the fridge drink at will
  7. Serve chilled
  8. Makes 12 cups or 24 - 4oz servings

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 4320

Ingredients Count 4

cooking beet kvass

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