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beet green borscht


this is an excellent hearty vegetable soup. it is best when young beets are available.


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  1. In a large frying pan
  2. Melt 1 / 4 cup of margarine or butter
  3. "add chopped onions and saute for 5 minutes but do not brown"
  4. Add mashed tomatoes including liquid and simmer until reduced to about half then set aside
  5. In a large cooking pot
  6. Add 16 cups of water and bring to boil
  7. Add salt
  8. Potato quarters
  9. Chopped carrots and the beet and cook until tender
  10. About 15 minutes
  11. When potatoes are tender
  12. Remove into a bowl and mash
  13. Add the remainder 1 / 4 cup of margarine or butter
  14. Half and half cream to the mashed potatoes and mix well
  15. Then set aside
  16. Trim tail ends of the young beets
  17. And scrub only
  18. Then cut into small pieces and add to soup pot
  19. Chop beet greens into medium size pieces and add to soup pot
  20. Add cubed potatoes
  21. Spinach greens
  22. Green and red peppers
  23. Green beans
  24. Chopped celery
  25. Cauliflower florets and cook until vegetables are just tender
  26. About 20 minutes
  27. Add mashed potato mixture
  28. Tomato / onion mixture
  29. Green onions
  30. Fresh dill weed and bring to boil
  31. Remove from heat
  32. Add lemon juice and stir well
  33. Adjust spices to taste
  34. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes before serving
  35. Refrigerate any unused portion of soup

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 75

Ingredients Count 19

cooking beet green borscht

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Canned tomatoes





Red beet

Half-and-half cream


Fresh spinach

Green pepper

Sweet red pepper

Cut green beans


Cauliflower florets

Green onion

Fresh dill weed

Lemon juice

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