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beer mustard


i'm not sure where i got this recipe from. i wanted to post it here for safe keeping. i will be making this for my christmas baskets. the prep time is allowing for the soaking process.


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  1. In a small bowl combine the mustard seeds
  2. Lager
  3. And malt vinegar
  4. Cover and soak overnight
  5. Strain the liquid and reserve in a separate container
  6. Place the soaked seeds in a food processor and pulse 7 to 8 times
  7. In a double boiler
  8. Place the cracked seeds and add the strained liquid
  9. Allspice
  10. Pepper
  11. Salt
  12. Sugar
  13. Dry mustard
  14. Garlic
  15. And horseradish
  16. Cook about 90 minutes
  17. Stirring occasionally
  18. Remove from heat and let cool
  19. Then refrigerate

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 1545

Ingredients Count 10

cooking beer mustard

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Mustard seeds

Lager beer

Malt vinegar

Ground allspice

Fresh ground black pepper

Kosher salt


Dry mustard



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