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south aussie lamb yiros or gyros souvlaki kebabs doner kabab


this is a greek street food that is very popular in australia. in each state you will find it called something different however south australia seems to be the only one to use the term 'yiros'. it is a popular late-night feast after a big night 'on the grog'. the standard salad ingredients are lettuce, raw onion and tomato topped with a garlic (but not tzatziki) sauce. tabbouli, cheese and chili sauce are also popular fillings as are chicken, beef and falafels. which ever meat is used it is cooked by stacking thin slices of marinated meat on a vertical skewer which turns in front of a heat source. the meat is then carved vertically from the skewer so the meat is in very thin shards. this is my version. i have used tzatziki as i have yet to discover the secret of south aussie garlic sauce! australian measurements used.


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  1. Slice lamb into very thin strips
  2. Place in a plastic bag together with the olive oil and nostimini blend
  3. Massage to make sure the oil and nostimini has coated all of the meat
  4. Allow to marinate for minimum of 30 minutes
  5. While lamb marinates thinly slice tomato and onion
  6. Shred lettuce
  7. Set aside in fridge
  8. Cut 2 foil sheets 10cm larger all around that your pita bread
  9. Cut 2 baking paper sheets the same size as the pita
  10. Place one sheet of baking paper on top of each sheet of foil
  11. Heat 2 frypans to med-hot
  12. Lightly spray one side of a pita with cooking spray and place this side down on one fry pan
  13. Spray the other pan with cooking spray and stir-fry half the meat until cooked
  14. When meat is ready remove from heat
  15. Place one foil / paper stack on a plate
  16. Working quickly
  17. Remove pita from heat and place on the paper with toasted side up
  18. Now place the meat then half the salad items and tzatziki down the middle of the pita
  19. Use the paper to tightly roll each side of the pita into the centre ensuring one side crosses the other
  20. Roll package in the foil
  21. Twist the bottom of the foil to catch the juices
  22. Repeat with remaining ingredients
  23. Serve with plenty of napkins !

Step 22

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 8

cooking south aussie lamb yiros  or gyros  souvlaki  kebabs  doner kabab

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Nostimini herb mix

Olive oil

Pita bread





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