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beef paprika stew viennese style gulash


there are many varieties of this dish. the hungarians cook it a lil different, than the austrians and viennese people have their own gulash recipes going on. so if you order the same dish in vienna and in hungary you probably are going to get 2 different dishes. here i talk about a gulash based on a austrian / viennese style. it's basically beef broth, hungarian paprika powder (it really makes a difference what kind of paprika powder you use.. so don't expect it to come out that great - in austria we grave that dish - if you substitute the paprika powder with anything you have at home that comes close ). i like that dish cause you can use it in so many ways. we eat dumblings, potatoes, spaetzles (its a german style pasta), franks, rolls with it and it makes us very happy.


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  1. Chop the onions and press the garlic
  2. "you can cut it in very tiny pieces too if you dont have a press
  3. Just make sure you cut them tiny"
  4. The onions should not be cut in to big pieces either
  5. Cut the meat in smaller pieces
  6. About 1 / 2 inch x 1 / 2 inch
  7. I chose extra-lean beef already cut in little pieces for my stew and before i cooked it i made sure the meat is clean
  8. Add some oil and sear them until the get some color
  9. Add the garlic and add some more color to the onion-garlic mix
  10. I would recommend medium-high heat for this step
  11. Now remove the onions-garlic mix and put it in a bowl and let it sit on the side
  12. You keep the pan on the range meanwhile because we want to sear the meat in that same fat we used for the onions
  13. If you have to add some oil you can do that
  14. "but be careful with the oil as we dont want a too oily stew in the end"
  15. Now add the beef and sear it in there a lil
  16. Add the onion-garlic mix
  17. The cayenne pepper
  18. Paprika powder
  19. Caraway and majoram
  20. Salt and pepper
  21. Stir it a lil bit
  22. "you dont want to do that too long
  23. Cause if the paprika powder just burns a lil bit it get very bitter and we dont want that"
  24. Add the broth and let it cook for about 40 minutes
  25. Stir occasionally
  26. After 40 minutes add the wine and the tomato paste and stir well
  27. Cook for another 20 mintues
  28. Stir occasionally
  29. Done
  30. I would recommend not to serve the gulash right after you made it
  31. Best thing is to let it cool down and warm it up again the next day
  32. You will see that flavors will come out even more after that
  33. In austrian we say a good gulash needs to be warmed up at least twice before its really really good
  34. So you see that could be an awesome dish to cook in advance
  35. If you should be concerned that your gulash is too liquidish just let it sit over night and warm it up again
  36. Its going to be way more creamy than the day before )
  37. You can serve it with potatoes
  38. German or french rolls
  39. Any kind of g

Step 29

Total Time in Minute 90

Ingredients Count 12

cooking beef paprika stew viennese style  gulash

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Garlic clove

Stew meat

Beef broth

Cayenne pepper

Hungarian paprika

Caraway powder

Dried marjoram

Tomato paste

Dry red wine



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