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our favorite italian beef


this is our favorite italian beef recipe, it is great for a party, the holidays, gametime, or your family anytime. it also freezes well, and i think tastes even better after being frozen. we serve it on a crusty sweet bread, but any sub or hard roll will do..you want something that will hold all those delicious juices


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  1. Put roast in crockpot
  2. Season lightly with salt
  3. Pepper
  4. And garlic powder
  5. Add seasoning mixes
  6. Beer
  7. And both peppers w / juices
  8. If there is no liquid covering entire roast
  9. Add enough to just cover top of the roast
  10. Cook in crockpot
  11. On low
  12. For a minimum of 8 hours
  13. Remove roast from crockpot
  14. Allow to cool to touch
  15. "pick"meat
  16. Seperate and remove the fat
  17. The roast should just fall apart into pieces
  18. Put meat back into crockpot
  19. Cook an additional 6-8 hours
  20. I usually cook this the first 8 hours the day before i want to serve this
  21. Then the additional cooking is done the day i want to serve it

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 915

Ingredients Count 6

cooking our favorite italian beef

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Beef roast

Good seasonings italian salad dressing mix

Au jus mix


Hot peppers

Pepperoncini pepper

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