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our family fried pies


this is one of our family traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation. my cousin tammy and her mom have made the best for years so no one has really attempted it - until the family gatherings slowed down and i found the recipe. guess i may have to try my hand at it -these really are to die for!! **crust prep time not included in this protion of recipe*** tammy's fried pie pastry recipe #214569 or traditional fried pie pastry recipe #214575 preferred


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  1. Wash and dice dried apricots
  2. Then place in a sauce pan and cover with water
  3. Cook slowly until tender
  4. Do not pour off water
  5. Add spices to taste and lemon juice
  6. Thicken with a corn starch slurry
  7. Be careful of scorching after cornstarch is added
  8. Roll out a ball of pastry about the size of a golf ball
  9. Spoon 1 heaping tablespoon of fruit filling on 1 / 2 of pastry circle leaving about a half inch edge
  10. Fold over and seal with a fork
  11. Pies may be frozen at this point
  12. Fry frozen or thawed pies in a skillet of hot oil until golden brown
  13. Remove to a paper towel lined plate
  14. Can be eaten as is or sprinkle with powdered sugar
  15. Lightly
  16. Enjoy !
  17. )

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 45

Ingredients Count 6

cooking our family fried pies

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Dried apricots




Juice of


Pastry dough

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