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our arab breakfast with gluten free option


this is what we often eat for a regular days breakfast.


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  1. Heat water & cardamom pods covered in a pot until boiling
  2. Drop in tea bags and simmer covered for about 1 1 / 2 minutes add sugar to taste along with the cream and keep simmering and adjusting cream to your desired amount not worrying about the fat content
  3. Only the taste :) this is called breakfast tea or you could use
  4. Recipe #286617
  5. Serve in regular tea cup / mugs
  6. Now slice the haloumi cheese into thick slices and rinse with water
  7. Do not dry
  8. Place the flour on a flat surface and dip each piece of haloumi cheese to coat all sides in a light fashion
  9. You may use just half the package
  10. Heat the olive oil on medium high and fry cheese slices until lightly golden reducing the heat as needed
  11. Remove to a plate and place halved lemon around it to squeeze on top while eating
  12. Place butter
  13. Cheeses
  14. Gourmet olives
  15. Hummus drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil
  16. The fruits on their own plates or in bowls
  17. Lay this all out on a low table or blanket / newspapers on the floor
  18. This is both traditional and islamic to sit on the floor while eating
  19. Lay out spoons for the fruit and heat the bread until warm with your preferred method just before serving
  20. Scoop up cheeses etc in bread pulled in half
  21. I serve rice crackers to as we are gluten free

Step 15

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 16

cooking our arab breakfast  with gluten free option

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Orange pekoe tea bags


Heavy cream

White sugar

Cardamom pods

Olive oil

Halloumi cheese

All-purpose flour


Pita bread

Rice crackers


Cream cheese



Fresh fruit

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