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orzo primavera


this is a very good and quick supper. serve with hot bread and go for it. this dish has no meat in it.


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  1. Heat oil in medium skillet and saut shallots
  2. Garlic
  3. Carrot and red pepper
  4. Add squashes and cook until just tender
  5. Turn the heat to high and add stock
  6. Tomato sauce
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. When the sauce comes to simmer turn the heat down to low and stir well
  9. Add the cooked orzo and half and half and stir until all of the sauce is absorbed
  10. Remove from heat and add parmesan cheese
  11. Serve with french bread

Step 7

Total Time in Minute 25

Ingredients Count 16

cooking orzo primavera

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Cooked orzo pasta

Olive oil

Red bell pepper




Hot pepper flakes


Yellow squash

Vegetable stock cube


Tomato sauce

Black pepper


Parmesan cheese

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