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orzo risotto


from best of gourmet. this uses orzo pasta instead of the traditional rice. quick and easy.


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  • Carbohydrates: 221.1
  • Fats: 7.0
  • Dietary Fiber: 3.0
  • Minerals: 15.0
  • Proteins: 18.0
  • Vitamins: 13.0
  • Water: 11.0


  1. Cook orzo in a large pot of boiling salted water until barely al dente
  2. 5 to 6 minutes
  3. Drain in a colander and rinse under cold water to stop cooking
  4. Transfer orzo to a 2 quart heavy saucepan and add stock
  5. Zest
  6. Thyme
  7. Simmer over moderate heat
  8. Stirring constantly until stock is absorbed about 5 minutes
  9. Stir in cheese
  10. Butter
  11. Salt and pepper and serve immediately

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 8

cooking orzo  risotto

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Orzo pasta

Chicken broth

Orange zest


Parmigiano-reggiano cheese

Unsalted butter



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