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original cesar cardini caesar salad


this is the only dressing i will ever use for caesar salad. it is from the creator of the caesar salad, cesar cardini. you can make it, like i do, or you can buy it in the store. it's a large bottle for 6.99 but this dressing goes a long way. note that the original salad did not have bacon, croûtons or anchovy in it, but you can add them.


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  1. Rub crushed garlic around salad bowl
  2. Add salt
  3. Pepper
  4. Parmesan cheese
  5. Oil
  6. Vinegar
  7. Worcestershire
  8. Egg yolk
  9. Bacon bits to bowl and mix together
  10. Toss with lettuce right before serving
  11. Garnish with shaved parmesan
  12. You can also add in crotons

Step 5

Total Time in Minute 10

Ingredients Count 10

cooking original cesar cardini caesar salad

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Garlic cloves



Parmesan cheese

Olive oil

Red wine vinegar

Worcestershire sauce

Egg yolk

Bacon bits

Romaine lettuce leaf

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