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oriental spareribs


ribs a little different. prep time includes marinading time.


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  1. Combine crushed garlic with all other ingredients and stir well to get a thick marinade
  2. Rub all over the ribs
  3. Cover and leave to marinade for 20-30 minutes
  4. Preheat oven to 400f degrees
  5. Place the ribs in roasting dish and bake for 20 minutes
  6. Turn the ribs
  7. Add 1 / 2 cup boiling water to the pan and roast for a further 20 minutes
  8. Serve hot

Step 6

Total Time in Minute 85

Ingredients Count 8

cooking oriental spareribs

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Sea salt

Black pepper

Chinese five spice powder


Soy sauce

Sesame oil

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