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oriental roasted stuffed chicken


found this recipe in a cookbook, and made this for christmas instead of the usual roast turkey. just for a little oriental touch. looks good on the table, as good as restaurant made, or better! according to my christmas guest.


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  1. Soak the mushroom slices in water till they soften
  2. Keep the soaking liquid aside
  3. Loosen skin of chicken
  4. Rub the marinade under the skin
  5. In the cavity and over the skin
  6. Do keep a little bit of marinade aside for the gravy
  7. Tuck the sliced mushrooms under the skin of the chicken
  8. Heat oven to 200c
  9. Roast chicken in a large roasting tin
  10. Loosely covered with foil for 30 minutes
  11. Turn heat down to 150c
  12. Add shallots and garlic
  13. And roast uncovered for 20 minutes
  14. Pierce with a skewer
  15. If the juice runs clear
  16. The chicken is ready
  17. To make the gravy: pour out excess oil from the roasting tin
  18. Add a cup or so of mushroom water
  19. And leftover marinade to the pan
  20. Heat through on top of the stove
  21. Taste to adjust seasoning
  22. Place the chicken on a pretty plate
  23. And garnish with the baby pak choy

Step 14

Total Time in Minute 65

Ingredients Count 9

cooking oriental roasted stuffed chicken

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Dried chinese mushrooms

Baby bok choy


Garlic cloves

Red wine

Light soya sauce



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