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oriental finger food rolled chicken mushroom omelette


tasty, easy, economical appetizer. they seem to disappear quickly too. in this recipe i have used chicken that i minced very finely.a small half breast skinless will do the trick. you could substitute leftover meat, fish or seafood for the chicken . i have put the chili sauce and ginger as optional but i recommend that you use both as they give that final flavor burst. serve at room temperature . you may make these several hours ahead,store them in the fridge bring out 45 minutes before serving. the recipe can be doubled or tripled.


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  1. Add dried shitake mushrooms to boiling water & simmer 1 minute remove from heat and let them sit for ten minutes
  2. Drain and chop finely
  3. In a fry pan saute the minced chicken & garlic until cooked and the chicken is lightly browned
  4. Make sure the chicken is well separated
  5. Add ginger
  6. Soy
  7. Chili flakes
  8. Reconstituted
  9. Chopped mushrooms
  10. Wine & lemon juice
  11. Simmer until the moisture has evaporated - set aside to cool
  12. Meanwhile whisk the 2 eggs with the water & cornstarch
  13. Whip the egg white until it forms soft peaks
  14. Mix the egg white with the cooled chicken mixture
  15. Fold the chicken mixture into the whisked eggs
  16. Heat a no stick omelette pan over medium high heat
  17. Pour in half of the mixture and tilt the pan so you have as thin a layer as possible
  18. Cook until bubbly on top
  19. It should be almost totally cooked
  20. Tilt the pan and pick up an edge of the omelette & roll it into a jellyroll
  21. Leave over heat turning the roll to finish heating through for another minute
  22. Remove roll to a plate
  23. Cook second omelette
  24. Insert 6 toothpick in each roll about 3 / 4" apart and slice between them giving you 4 small end pieces and 12 pieces to serve
  25. Place each piece rolled side up on a serving platter
  26. Put a dab of chili sauce on top of each and a piece of ginger serve at room temperature

Step 16

Total Time in Minute 30

Ingredients Count 17

cooking oriental finger food  rolled chicken   mushroom omelette

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Vegetable oil


Garlic cloves


Powdered ginger

Light soy sauce

Chili flakes

Shiitake mushrooms

White wine

Lemon juice

Egg white





Crystallized ginger

Hot chili sauce

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