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oriental carrot salad


this recipe is delicious! the sesame oil gives it a nutty and unusual flavor. i just made it for a picnic i'm going to. after tasting it, i know it's a salad i'll be making many more times. from the cookbook lean and luscious and meatless.


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  1. In medium bowl
  2. Combine carrots and green pepper
  3. In a small bowl
  4. Combine remaining ingredients
  5. Add to carrots
  6. Mixing well
  7. Chill several hours to blend flavors

Step 4

Total Time in Minute 15

Ingredients Count 10

cooking oriental carrot salad

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Green pepper

Sesame oil

Vegetable oil

Lemon juice

Soy sauce

Ground ginger


Garlic powder

Toasted sesame seeds

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