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oreo s mores


do try to be humble as your family and friends give you a standing ovation for this camp fire master piece. you will never have another camp fire with out these. i got this recipe from a tv show years ago. i changed one thing and ta-dah the marshmallowless s'more was born!


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  1. "twist apart the oreos"
  2. "if you break one
  3. Have a near by child eat it and twist apart another one until you have 6 perfectly halved oreos"
  4. Spread about 1 teaspoons of peanut butter on one side of your oreo pairs
  5. Slap a dark chocolate square on top of the peanut butter then set aside
  6. I make a bunch of these up in advance and place them on a tray
  7. Later at the camp fire
  8. Use a foil lined
  9. Sprayed mountain pie maker to cook sliced bananas
  10. Flip the mountain pie maker to be sure boths sides are cooked- about 2 minutes
  11. Use a fork to place hot bananas on top of dark chocolate
  12. Then top with other half of oreo
  13. Every year we have a contest- every year this is still the champ

Step 10

Total Time in Minute 7

Ingredients Count 5

cooking oreo s mores

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Oreo cookies

Peanut butter

Dark chocolate squares


Cooking spray

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