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4 fun salsa s in one


here you have 1- "main salsa". 2-"smokey and spicy salsa". 3- "spiked fruity salsa". 4- "guacamole" salsa. your choice! this recipe was created by the "whine & cheese gang", --leslie--- cilantro "love of herbs". ncmysteryshopper--vodka the queen of mixed drinks. susie d-garlic many healthy properties. mama's kitchen-brown sugar to sweet! mommy diva - serrano! cause she too likes it spicy!! --laury-- - refreshing limes. brenda.- onion sweet and spicy she is all in one. chia - juicy ripe tomatoes. french tart - sun-dried tomatoes cos' she lives in the sun, have rosy cheeks when i drink too much and i have a dry sense of humour! **jubes**- for the love, love, love of tomatoes. megnbrycesmom - bright fruit like mango b/c she adores color pannan - soft and creamy avocado. peter j - cool as a cucumber pot scrubber - fresh cracked pepper salt and cumin for his spiciness. --rita---chipotle in adobo sauce i like it smokey hot! we put these all together and came out with this yummy recipes. for each of the last three salsa's use your taste buds to see how much of the main salsa to add. have fun creating your mixes. can't wait to see what you did!


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  1. Main tomato salsa:
  2. Mix all ingredients together and chill for flavors to meld
  3. Smoky and spicy salsa:
  4. Add the ingredients to the main salsa
  5. Depending on how smoky and spicy you can add the ingredients to 1 / 3 to all the main salsa
  6. Spiked fruity salsa:
  7. Pour the lime vodka over the mango and cucumbers let sit for 10 minutes
  8. Add the ingredients to the main salsa
  9. Your choice of how much main salsa you add to it
  10. Guacamole:
  11. Using 1-4 avocados blend in as much salsa as desired
  12. Serve with chips
  13. Enhance your favorite wraps
  14. Top grilled chicken
  15. Fish
  16. Or beef
  17. Hint:
  18. If making all four recipe above
  19. And want to have about the same servings of each salsa
  20. Divide the main tomato salsa keeping 1 / 3 of it to have as is
  21. For the smoked and spicy salsa: add it`s ingredients to 1 / 3 of the main tomato salsa
  22. For the spiked fruity salsa: add ingredients to 1 / 6 of the main tomato salsa
  23. For guacamole: add ingredients to 1 / 6 of the maintomato slasa
  24. Season all with additional lime juice
  25. Salt and pepper to taste
  26. Have fun !

Step 20

Total Time in Minute 20

Ingredients Count 19

cooking 4 fun salsa s in one

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Red ripe tomatoes


Fresh cilantro

Fresh parsley


Fresh cracked pepper


Ground cumin

Serrano chili



Sun-dried tomato packed in oil

Brown sugar

Chipotle chile in adobo

Adobo sauce





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