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lemonade raspberry pie


another easy summer treat....i recommend graham cracker cust recipe #7537 - homemade is always better!


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  1. Measure out 1 cup of raspberries
  2. And set aside
  3. In a large bowl
  4. Carefully combine the lemonade concentrate and cool whip- a rubber spatula works well
  5. Fold in the condensed milk
  6. Food coloring
  7. And the remaining raspberries
  8. Cover
  9. And refrigerate two to six hours
  10. Carefully pour the mixture into the prepared crust
  11. Garnish
  12. By lining edge of pie with reserved raspberries
  13. If you have enough
  14. You can make a second circle of raspberries about an inch inside the first row / circle
  15. Refrigerate until ready to serve

Step 8

Total Time in Minute 135

Ingredients Count 6

cooking lemonade raspberry pie

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9-inch graham cracker crust

Frozen lemonade concentrate

Cool whip

Sweetened condensed milk

Fresh raspberries

Yellow food coloring

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