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lemonade 6 ways


six different lemonade variations, perfect for summer!


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  1. For variations
  2. See below
  3. Mix together all ingredients in pitcher until sugar has dissolved
  4. Virgin watermelon mojito lemonade: in blender
  5. Puree 1 part lemonade with 1 / 2 part seedless watermelon chunks
  6. For each serving
  7. In a large glass
  8. Using wooden spoon handle
  9. Crush 2 lime slices with 1 tablespoons mint leaves
  10. Add ice
  11. Then watermelon lemonade
  12. Lemonade sunset: in tall ice-filled glass
  13. Combine equal parts lemonade and cranberry juice
  14. Top off with a splash of orange juice
  15. Tropical breeze lemonade: in tall ice-filled glass
  16. Combine equal parts lemonade
  17. Pineapple juice and passion fruit juice
  18. Blueberry ginger lemonade: in blender
  19. Process 1 part lemonade and 1 / 4 part blueberries
  20. Fill tall ice-filled glass 3 / 4 full with blueberry lemonade
  21. Then top off with ginger ale
  22. Herbal iced tea lemonade: in tall ice-filled glass
  23. Combine equal parts chilled
  24. Brewed lemon herbal tea and lemonade
  25. Strawberry lemonade: in tall glass
  26. Stir strawberry syrup
  27. To taste
  28. Into lemonade
  29. Then add ice
  30. For extra fun
  31. Top with a scoop of strawberry sorbet

Step 13

Total Time in Minute 5

Ingredients Count 3

cooking lemonade 6 ways

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Lemon juice

Cold water


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