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lemon thyme basil bbq sauce marinade


adapted from an old issue of southern living. suggested use: make up a batch and use half to marinate some chicken pieces overnight,grill or bake the chicken, using the remainder to brush onto your chicken in the last half hour of its cooking time to make a nice bbq sauce. or use as a dipping sauce for chicken wings. update: the onion powder measurement has been corrected.


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  1. Combine lemon juice
  2. Garlic cloves
  3. Onion powder
  4. Salt
  5. And paprika in a blender and process for a minute on high speed
  6. Through the hole in the top of your blender
  7. Slowly add the oil
  8. With the blender set to high
  9. And then cover up the hole and blend another minute
  10. Add herbs blend for 30 seconds
  11. Keep chilled for up to 2 days

Step 4

Total Time in Minute 10

Ingredients Count 8

cooking lemon  thyme    basil bbq sauce marinade

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Lemon juice

Fresh garlic

Onion powder



Canola oil

Dried basil

Dried thyme

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